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We are customer –focused and committed to building mutually long-term partnership with our customers. We also offers highly professional service to its customers utilizing up-to-date technology, while maintaining friendly and approachable atmosphere..

  • Dedicated to exploring new technologies for the power and                          <br> energy industry.
  • We offer all brands of solar panels at the best prices<br>(Monocrystalline & Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Panel, Thin-Film).
  • Installation, commissioning, and Maintenance of                            Electrical <br> Power system components.
  • Sales, Installation, commissioning & maintenance of Solar panels.<br>Ground mounting, roof accessories, Batteries & Charge contoller.
  • Electrical Power Generating Set Installation and commissioning<br>Power transformer Installation and commissioning

Some of our Previous Jobs

View some of our Previous Jobs
Solution Rendered Company Problem Before Project Process
Redesigning and Rewiring of 3x 810KVA Synchronisation Panel
A.G FERERO & Co Ltd The 3 Generating sets are not Synchronizing because of Reverse Power Configuration for Synchronization of 3 Generating set Terminating Resistors Introduced,All current transformers replaced,DSE5510 Module Reprogrammed after Rewiring of the panels
Running of Armoured Cables,Controls Cables and Commissioning of 2x1100KVA Sync Panel
Betatex Bayelsa Inability of paralleling(Synchronizing) the 3 generating set Installation and Commissioning of 2x1600 Amps Synchronization Pane Introduction of 3200 Amps Totalising Panel with ATS
Running of Armoured Cables,Controls Cables and Commissioning of Dual AMF Panel
Elsa Energy Limited Inability of Automatic changeover between 2 Generator Sets and Mains Supply Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 100 Amps Dual AMF Panel with 10Kva Inverter Power Introduction of 100Amps Dual AMF Panel
Installation of Air Circuit Breakers(ACB),MCC Panel
3S Nig Ltd(Ede Water Works) The Breakers on all the Panel have become outdated and old which makes them no longer effective Supply and Installation of 15KW Motor Control Center,1600,2000,3200 Amps 4 Pole ACB, Upgrade of the old Breakers on the Panel to more effective and New Breakers(ACB) and also change of Copper Bus Bar

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We provide engineering solutions. We achieved this with our qualified engineers and talented project managers in advanced execution of Turnkey infrastructure solutions.